For most of my life I believed that I did not have a testimony, and convinced myself that I could not offer a story that truly revealed  God’s power. Growing up in church exposed me to countless testimonies that seemed so out of reach from my own experiences. People would speak about how God worked and performed miracles in their lives: healed from cancer, dying and coming back to life, the Lord audibly giving a message, prophecies, etc. While I was always so amazed at the marvelous works of God in the lives of others, I could not help but think about my personal encounters with Christ. I never had these miraculous occurrences that you hear and read about, where God seemed to visibly work.


It was not until a couple years ago when I realized the significance of God in my life. The song Goodness of God by Bethel brought me to tears when I first listened to it. Specifically, the chorus says “All my life you have been faithful. All my life you have been so so good.” When I heard those words, I finally understood that my testimony was literally God’s goodness and faithfulness in my life. He has always been there, working and providing for me since before I was born. 


He kept my parents’ marriage together and saved them, He has given me a loving family and church, He has protected me from harm and death, He has opened doors and opportunities, He has provided shelter and has fulfilled all of my needs. What more could I ask for? Things as simple as giving me breath each morning, He is faithful. My father, friend, protector, I’ve felt His hand covering me amidst my struggles. The Lord has never given up on me and has shown me His favor, even during the times I have turned my back to Him.


 I learned that my story is just as beautiful as the others’ and it is not lacking. He allowed me to experience His goodness in the times I did not deserve it. God works faithfully and is working in each of us in His beautiful ways.  


I am grateful for the I Am and the Shepard, who has kept me all of the days of my life. 


Psalms 23

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