CALL ME A RADICAL- Stephanie Diaz

Faith , hope and love but the greatest of these is love , A verse we all know but have yet to dive deep into , it’s more than just the bonding of hands and how we stand , it’s the way we grasp onto the sureness of God when we don’t see the assurance , it’s the confidence in the promise that has already been spoken which we know in our hearts can never be broken , it’s the unconditional and undeserved sacrifice in whom we only know through Christ .
 To walk in mystery while trying to make sure you’re listening , to not seeing but understand you serve a God who’s freeing and to be self less in times where all you want to do is be selfish. These three things are the core of our relationship with Christ ,  through him we have abundance for a clearer life , to love like him is a honor , to have hope in him is beautiful and to place our faith in him is a miracle .
Let Christ be magnified is our wish through a radical faith that is , to be a radical for God isn’t to be Insane or overachieving it’s recognizing who we exalt and who we believe in . 
We want to be passionate , to be on fire , we want to be the Lord’s next hire , we want to work for the kingdom and its expansion , we want to spread his compassion and we want to be put into action.
Call me a radical cuz that’s what God sees
A fire burning deep inside as I’m on my knees
The enemy may try to start an ambush
but call me a radical because I serve a God that nobody can push
I’m not a radical believer because I think I’m better
More so, I’m a radical believer because my God broke every fetter
Call me a radical cuz that’s what God sees
He gave up his son and never charged any fees
I believe in him and he believes in me
There is no place where I feel more free
In the arms of my father with the sacrifice of his son, and the guidance of his Spirit that’s all I need.

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